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Genie's Got Your Back - Seriously

A Fortune 500
Strategic Commodity Manager said .....

"If we bought everything from Genie, we wouldn't have any problems."

Bold? Yes. Accurate? We think so.

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Allow us to share a brief Overview .....

From custom and private label chemical blending and packaging, to assemblies and kits, to dedicated process development, Genie's unique blend of manufacturing and assembly capabilities enables us to satisfy an astonishingly wide range of customer needs. We'll morph our current assets and processes, sometimes supplemented by new resources, perhaps even blending in customer-supplied equipment, to accomplish almost anything our customers need, effectively & efficiently.

" We grew up inexspensively solving problems and challenges for our customers. The only way we know how to do things is safely, on time, accurately, with no exceptions, and in a socially responsible way. Now you see why we've made it through all the massive "Blue Chip" company supplier-base reductions over the decades! And I'm personally available to customers 24/7 "

                                            Jeff Gleason, President & GM

We'll do business your way. We'll strive for your cost goals. We'll work with you in creative, evolving ways to support your efforts and goals. We'll adapt and change through the addition of new processes, procedures, and capabilities. Our goal is to always be a supportive, trouble-free, "no need to worry about them" member of your team. And our track record shows we can!

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